Creating Music

New Hymnbook

Run XML Notepad. In the new blank document, insert a couple of processing instructions. From the Insert menu select Processing Instruction and click Before:

XML Notepad Insert Processing Instruction

On the left hand side (the instruction name) type:


On the right hand side (the instruction value) type or paste:

version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"

If you’ve clicked outside the program and there’s no longer a cursor (you went to copy the text above), select the field you want to edit and press F2.

Insert another processing instruction (Insert menu / Processing Instruction / After). On the left type or paste:


On the right type or paste:

type="text/xsl" href="gloria4.xsl"

The document will look like this:

Table of contents XML header

Select Save As from the File menu and save the file. Use a three- or four-character file name that represents the hymnbook, typically the initials of the hymnbook. In this example the hymnbook is saved as “Test.xml”. There will be further details later on about naming and organizing files.