Frequently Asked Questions

You must first get a RTA (Return Authorization) number. Please go to the Contact page of this website and submit a support ticket. Be sure to describe the problem and include your phone number as well. Of course, if your Gloria does not work for you return it within 15 days and we will refund your purchase price (less freight and handling).
Unfortunately, when Gloria 1 and 2 were designed memory was too expensive to allow full orchestration. With the advent of more economical memory, enhanced sound became possible. Due to memory restrictions Gloria 1 and 2 cannot be upgraded.
Yes. But there is no provision for recharging batteries in the unit. You must recharge using an appropriate battery charger.
No, Gloria is only available through the internet.
Sorry, no. Memory limitations in Gloria 1 and 2 prevent us from doing that.
Yes, you most certainly can! Gloria has a 1/4″ (6.3mm) stereo phone jack for output to a sound system. However, if you are using computer speakers (which work great) you will need an adapter for the mini jack on the speakers. An adapter is available as an optional accessory from our web store.
Not really. CDs and Tapes are recordings that cannot be changed. You cannot isolate a given voice on a CD or tape, and you cannot change its pitch or its speed (tempo). Besides, you would need a lot of CDs or tapes to store all the songs in Gloria, and you would not have an easy way to select them. Gloria works on a principle somewhat like a new, very high tech version of an old-fashioned player piano roll. It supplies only the notes, not the sound, and you select the instruments you want, the pitch, and the speed to bring the piece to life with a glorious orchestral sound. This high-tech system allows you to drop out all music except your singing part, or play accompaniment to that part, or play the full rendition, all at your chosen pitch, volume and speed. Volume for each part can also be individually adjusted. Best yet, you simply type in a hymn number, and Gloria can play the hymn immediately.
Yes, please contact us for further information.

The Classic version has two options; Special (the factory default) and Plain where all the verses play the same. Pages 16-17 of the manual give the following instructions: Plain / Special - Press the PAUSE key repeatedly until replacing "HYMN" with "PLAIN", and the whole hymn will play the same as the first verse (without any key change or new instruments). Press the PLAY key to start the hymn in this mode.

Please note that if the hymn does not have a special musical arrangement, then "PLAIN" will not appear as an option when you press PAUSE. This mode is preferred by guitarists and some musicians in order not to have to transpose on the last stanza when they use Gloria for accompaniment.

Gloria can be programmed to play semi-permanently without instrument changes or key changes. During the welcome screen press # (right menu key) repeatedly until the following screen appears:

Press PLAY, then # until you see < All Plain > and press PLAY again to lock in the selection. Press STOP to move to another mode. The new default will be to play Plain, not Special.

Now the default will be to not play the stanzas of alternative arrangements or key changes. From now on press the PAUSE key to change to "SPECIAL" each time you want a hymn to play the verses with different instruments and possibly a key change. To return to the default that includes the changes, repeat the process. During the welcome screen press # (right menu key) repeatedly until the < Music Style > screen appears. Press PLAY, then # until you see < All Special > and again press PLAY to set this selection. Press STOP to move to another mode. The new default will be to play Special.
Simply add 1000 to the hymn number. For instance, instead of hymn #345 enter 1345. Instead of hymn #22 enter 1022.
Gloria allows you to add hymnals anytime you wish. You may add your own MIDI files and have Gloria play them by following the instructions here.
The Classical version (Celebremos su Gloria hymnal only) was created by John Wilson for the Celebremos su Gloria hymnal, while the Orchestral version was more recently created to take advantage of more instruments and channels on Gloria 3 & 4.
We do not stock hymnals, but The Celebration Hymnal can be purchased at any Christian bookstore or online. For orders of multiple hymnals try your local Christian bookstore, or Amazon. The Spanish Celebremos su Gloria hymnals can be obtained from the sources listed in the list of distributors here.
Anywhere. Gloria is powered by D-cell batteries, but can also be powered by solar-charged batteries (optional, available with solar panels on our web store) or powered by an automobile battery, and can be plugged into any 100-220v ac outlet with the included power adapter.
Yes. Gloria connects to your computer with a USB cable. For MIDI files you can do this now. In the future Gloria Music hopes to provide a service to upgrade software as well as purchase new songs and hymnals as they become available. Due to licensing requirements there will be a charge for this service.