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NOTE: The Gloria hymn player demonstrated in these interviews was an early prototype which had only 9 instruments.


My name is Rogelio Caballero, chaplain in the Puebla State penitentiary in Mexico. Gloria has been a blessing and encouragement for all the prisoners who truly want to let Christ change their lives. The fact that they can worship the Lord with such quality of music has been a great blessing in their lives as well as helping them learn good doctrine. I could say much more regarding what Gloria has done in all our lives but for now I will just say a big Thanks – for your vision, hard work and your interest in helping people worship the Lord, especially for producing something designed for people with few resources and low income.

Tel AvivDr. Alfonso Lockward, writer and ex-Ambassador for the Dominican Republic in Israel

I have prayed and waited anxiously for this project because I know it will revolutionize Evangelical worship.

San Martín

We are pastors working with Hispanics on the Island of San Martín. One of our biggest concerns has been the mediocrity of the singing in our services. Gloria has helped us tremendously.


This morning we used Gloria for the first time. How we enjoyed the music and we sang many songs we already knew as well as learned new ones. The adult Sunday School class I teach at our Assemblies of God church is excited about learning new hymns. Gloria will be a big blessing in helping us to learn so many new tunes. Bendiciones,


It is a shame how the majority of the churches have been leaving aside or forgotten many great hymns that contain so much good doctrine. Gloria has been such a valuable help to us.


There is so much opportunity here in Russia, the Ukraine and many other countries of the old Soviet Union. Because of the lack of transportation, we must walk to services in homes and other rented locations to hold services and we need instruments that are light.Gloria has been the answer to our prayers. Thanks so much


I am a pastor with the Assemblies of God in Bolivia, the largest denomination in our country. Many of my fellow-works are eager to have this marvelous instrument and I want to help promote it among the churches in our city as well as the interior of the country.


Thanks to the Lord, my wife and I (who has sung as a soloist for years in a Baptist church) received a Gloria. Upon studying the manual we realized its many possibilities and we trained to use it. This served as inspiration to form a small group (Fountain of Life) that seeks to take the word of God and worship to small missions and churches in remote areas all over the Eastern part of our island, in places where there are no musicians or no adequate instruments. After a year working with Gloria, I can confirm everything that other brethren have surely communicated to you, that is, that Gloria is truly a Blessing when it comes to spreading the Gospel. From the very first time I read the manual I realized what a magnificent and effective tool God has placed in our hands, not only to reach others with the Gospel but to help revive the Christian church, especially in our country of Cuba where economic and other problems make it extremely difficult to obtain musical instruments, even in larger churches. My experience as an engineer qualified me to realize immediately the outstanding virtues of this remarkable compact digital instrument. It is not only portable, rugged, trustworthy and so easy to use, but it is universally applicable to all the different Christian denominations. When I showed the possibilities to my wife (a soloist in our church), she was immediately inspired to organize the 10 finest voices she could find from various churches in our area. In conclusion, Gloria became the catalyst and motivator to organize and consolidate this singing Group that has already visited countless churches all over the Eastern area of our island. I care for all the administration as well as run the sound. We use only Gloria for our accompaniment and plug into the local sound systems when they exist. We do this in our spare time and the only payment we receive is the blessing of our Lord. Every place we have been, the beautiful sounds of Gloria have been received with great admiration on the part of the brethren, who immediately want to know how they too can obtain one. Though there are many churches already using Gloria, the demand is way beyond those currently available. As possible, I try to be of help to the churches we visit, by sharing my experience of working with Gloria and helping organize the voices in our choir group… Finally, dear brother, all that remains for me is to keep praying that God will continue pouring out his blessings on all of your team so that these marvelous instruments can continue to be produced, each time more economically and beautifully so that the churches and hearts of believers may be filled with beautiful harmonies, even in the furthermost corners of our planet until their music rises up to become a sweet-sounding offering at the feet of our Lord Jesus Christ


Saturday, 11th of May is an historical day that will be very difficult to forget. It was the day we received GLORIA and we were just dying to try “her” out. We were at some meetings 300 miles from our city and we needed to get home. Gloria was a big surprise for the whole family because I didn’t want to disappoint anyone by telling them something ahead of time that might not come together. Our family is large and we each are coming up with ideas on how to use Gloria. For example, my wife is the choir director and she had only listened to a few notes when her mind started racing ahead and coming up with all sorts of ideas on how she would use Gloria getting the choir ready for our church anniversary. Our oldest sings quite well and she’s got big plans about all the new songs she is going to prepare to sing as special.numbers, accompanied by Gloria. Her brother is a computer expert and he spends every moment he is home taking Gloria apart and studying the board with.all its components. He has also been mastering all the things that can be done with Gloria for her inauguration next Wednesday (15th). Our third child plays guitar and has found all sorts of ways that Gloria can accompany his guitar playing. But the climax was when we went to church last night and connected her to our church’s sound system. IT WAS TRULY SOMETHING EXTRAORDINARY. You really need to encourage people who use Gloria to make use of an external amp when available because the sound quality improves remarkably. ALL OF THIS to tell you how much we appreciate Gloria and all those who made her possible. Luisi —————- GLORIA is working her tail off and we’ve purchased a “PortaGloria” for her so she can travel in safety and survive all the bumps as she travels to all the meetings and practices where she is needed. our church will soon be celebrating our 18th anniversary and we are practicing 5 choirs that will be representing each of our ministries (children’s, adolescents’, young people’s, women’s, and couples’). For that reason I say that “she is working her tail off”, meaning to say she doesn’t get to rest a moment.


Our work has 275 churches scattered the length and breadth of our island and we want our congregation singing hymns. Unfortunately there are few in our churches that can play a piano or other instruments. I know about Gloria because a brother in Canada sent one to the musical dept. of our denomination and it has left us all amazed.

Dominican Republic

I am greatly thankful to our beloved Omnipotent God, for having inspired and illuminated you all with the ministry of Gloria music which is such a great blessing, both in the form of the musical computer as well as the hymnal “Celebremos su Gloria”. I trust the Lord to continue using all of you in this marvelous ministry that has already been such a great blessing to the many local churches that each day are swelling the ranks of this great musical family. The truth is that God has used your team to fill a great void in everything that has to do with hymnology and musical accompaniment for services not only held in churches, but in homes as well. The undersigned, Juan Rafael Gómez, pastor of the Baptist Church of Gazcue in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, never stops thanking God for you guys. I would appreciate knowing if you receive this note because it would give me great satisfaction to know that you know how grateful I really am. I trust my note can be a real stimulus so that you will keep on with this great ministry. Brethren, I would appreciate very much your keeping me informed of anything new that you develop having to do with the use of music for the honor and glory of God. Please let me know because I continue to marvel at this invention blessed by God. From your brother in Christ – Pastor Rafael Gómez


The GLORIA machine is fabulous! People can sing and learn songs and do it right. We also are using it for our devotions (the three of us)and it’s a blessing. Thank you very much guys, you have blessed our lives and the ones being part of the family of Christ. God WILL bless you too.Bethel church is about to start a REAL evangelism work in Nochixtlan and we hope MANY will come to the Lord very soon, I feel like we are among a revival and soon will see it. The music machine is a GREAT blessing. For our devotions as a family and for the Bible studies and for the church in the future, Thank you very much for all you efforts to keep supporting this work. We pray that God will provide for you in a way we cannot even think or imagine.
Hugo Santiago