Enter  hymn name in Search box to find in which hymnal the hymn is found, and which hymn number.  The three hymnals presently available in Gloria3 are:

CSG = Celebremos su Gloria hymnal

TCH = The Celebration Hymnal

USF = United States Armed Forces hymnal

English TitleSpanish TitleCSG#TCH #USF #
"Let's Celebrate"Celebremos su gloria2
Holy, Holy, Holy Is the LordSanto, santo, grande eterno Dios3
Holy, Holy, Holy! Lord God AlmightySanto, Santo, Santo432
Jesus Shall Reign537522
O God, beneath Thy Guiding Hand5375190
Join All the Glorious Names7
Join All the Glorious Names7132423
Rejoice, the Lord Is King7370320
Wonderful Grace of JesusMaravillosa Gracia8338399
You Alone Are Holy10
My TributeA Dios sea la gloria1154
Sing Hallelujah (to the Lord)12198
Gloria, Gloria (Canon)Gloria, Gloria13
The God of Abraham praiseAl Dios de Abraham, loor152346
Praise to the Lord16
"It is Good to Praise You"17
Glorious Is Thy Name18122
"Stand Up and Praise"Levantaos, Bendecid19
To God Be the GloryAlabad al gran Rey20568
To God be the GloryAlabad al gran Rey2056
To God be the GlorySolemnes resuenen las voces20
"I Will Praise You, Lord"21
"I Will Bless the Lord"22
Holy Is the Lord23142
O Magnify the Lord24
I Will Sing of the Mercies25161
I Will Celebrate2666
"To You the Glory"Tuya es la gloria27
"Hymn to The Father"Himno al Padre28
ELOHIMCantadle a una voz28
"Creation"Dios ha hecho todo lo que el ojo ve31
How Great Thou Art32147
How Great Thou Art32147
How Great Thou Art32147
All Creatures of Our God and King336387
Give to Our God Immortal Praise 3311286
Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow3316620
"Lord I Believe In Thee"34
EL CREADORCuando miro las estrellas34
Come forth, ye men of every race35183
The Heavens Are TellingEl firmamento de esplendor35
The Spacious Firmament on High3584
Am I a Soldier of the Cross?36728417
ARLINGTONOh Dios, mi soberano Rey36
Day Is Dying In the WestLoor a ti37151
Isaiah 6:3 37148
"Let us Praise the Lord"38
Oh Sing to God Above39
Alleluia, Alleluia (Mozart)Aleluya, aleluya40
Our God ReignsReina Dios42372
Our God Reigns42
Who Is On The Lord's Side?43674
Who Is On The Lord's Side?Nuestra Fortaleza43
God Of Our Fathers44809198
A Mighty Fortress Is Our God Castillo fuerte es nuestro Dios45151114
"Sing to God"46
"Great and Wonderful Are Your Works"Grandes y maravillosas son tus obras47
All Praise to our Redeeming Lord49221
O For a Heart to Praise My God49650
O for a Thousand Tongues to SingOh, que tuviera lenguas mil492148
"We Thank You Lord"50
Begin, My Tongue, Some Heavenly Theme5129
O God, Our Help In Ages Past516865
O God, Our Help In Ages PastOh Dios, socorro en el ayer516865
O God, Our Help In Ages Past51686497
"The Lord Is My Light and Salvation"52
The Lord Thy God53
"He Is Powerful"54
"He Is Powerful"Aquel que es poderoso 54
"They Shall Sing, Oh Lord"55
"He Who Dwells In The Shelter of God"El que habita al abrigo de Dios56
"Rejoice, Ye Pure In Heart" (refrain)Cantad, alabad a Dios58
Great Is Thy FaithfulnessGrande es tu fidelidad59139111
Children of the Heavenly FatherNuestro Dios y Padre eterno60719105
"The Lord Is My Shepherd"61
You Are My Hiding PlaceEres mi protector62700
The Love Of GodOh amor de Dios63157
"God Is Love"Dios es amor64
The Wonder of It AllMaravilloso es65738
The Wonder of It All65738
Heavenly Father, We Appreciate YouPadre Eterno, me postro ante ti67
God Bless Our Native Land68807194
My Country, 'Tis of TheeA nuestro Padre Dios68807193
Now Thank We All Our God6978875
Father, I Adore YouPadre, te adoro71191
Christ for the world we sing72817
Come, Thou Almighty KingOh Padre, eterno Dios728174
Revive Us Again73434
We Praise Thee, O GodTe loamos, oh Dios73
Oh Sing to the Lord75
Holy, HolySanto, Santo7669
Glorify Thy Name In All the EarthGloria a tu nombre por doquier789
Glorify Thy Name In All the EarthPadre, te amo, te alabo y te adoro78
Bless Thou the Astronauts Who Face79808197
Eternal Father, Strong to Save7980883
Eternal Father, Strong to SaveEterno Padre celestial79808196
O Splendor of God's Glory BrightEterno Padre celestial7983
I Will Praise HimAdoradle80497
When I saw the cleansing fountainDad al Padre toda gloria80
"Everything That Has Breath"Alabad a nuestro Dios en su santuario81
"Everything That Has Breath"Lo que respira81
Sing PraiseA Dios cantad83
Sing PraiseAl Padre alabad83
He Has Made Me Glad (I Will Enter His Gates)84214
"God Is Here"85
I Exalt TheeYo te exalto8631
We Gather Together Venid, nuestras voces unamos8879052
We Praise Thee, O God, Our Redeemer886844
I Just Came to Praise the LordVine a alabar a Dios89
"I Exalt You My Lord"90
"Lord, Who May Enter?"91
Heaven Is Singing For Joy92
"In the Morning"94
"In the Morning"Pero queda Cristo94
Come Into His PresenceAnte su presencia95420
"Good Morning"Me despierto con ganas de verlo96
"Good Morning"96
I Love You, LordTe amo, Rey9878
I Want to Praise YouQuiero Alabarte99
Lord, Be GlorifiedEn mi vida gloria te doy100186
Bless the Lord O My Soul101
Look, Ye Saints! The Sight Is Glorious102
Lord of Our Life, and God of Our Salvation104
Lord, Enthroned in Heavenly Splendor105323
Praise, My Soul, the King of HeavenAlabad al Rey del cielo105
King Of Kings and Lord of LordsRey de Reyes106199
Be firm and be faithfulIglesia de Cristo107104380
O Worship the KingAl Rey adorad1071043
Alleluia! Alleluia!108365
Joyful, Joyful, We Adore TheeJubilosos, te adoramos1082714
"And You Bethlehem"110
O Come, O Come, EmmanuelOh ven, bendito Emanuel111245218
Emmanuel Emanuel112
Baptized in WaterDespunta el alba113465
Ring the Bells Of HeavenSuenen dulces himnos114
"Come Shepherds"Venid Pastores115
O Little Town Of Bethlehem116250254
"Unto You A Son Is"117
Joy to the World!Al mundo paz118270229
Come, Ye Thankful People, ComeGloria a Dios en las alturas11979774
Hail! Redeemer, King Divine!11943
Watchman, tell us of the night119216
Jesus, Friend so Kind and Gentle120516
Lord, Dismiss us With This Blessing12023773
Virgin, full of Grace120223
Hiding in TheeVenid, pastorcillos121619
Angels, from the Realms of Glory122259259
Thanks to God Whose Word Was Spoken122409
Worship Christ, the Risen King122361
Baptized in Water123465
Away in a Manger 124261
Good Christian Men, Rejoice Cristianos, hoy cantad a Dios125273246
Hark! the Herald Angels Sing126277231
"Shepherds At Night"En la noche los pastores velan127
What Child Is This?128281272
Away in a Manger129262252
Angels We Have Heard on High130278250
O Holy NightSanta la noche131285256
Silent Night! Holy Night! 133253230
"Hispanic Christmas"Navidad Latina134
Christ Was Born In Bethlehem135
Come, my brothers, praise the Lord13511
The true Light that enlightens man135248
JINGLE BELLSCampanas por doquier136
JINGLE BELLSHoy es Navidad136
From a Distant HomeDe tierra lejana venimos137
"Following That Star"Tras hermoso lucero138
Thou Didst Leave Thy Throne139
O Come, All Ye FaithfulVenid, fieles todos140249255
His Name Is Wonder 142118
His Name Is Wonderful142118
"Jesus the Good Shepherd"143
Lamb Of Glory144109
Lamb Of GloryCordero de gloria144109
"Glory Forever"Gloria por siempre145
He Is Lord146
"Glory to Your Name"Gloria a tu nombre147
"Glory to Your Name"147
"In The Name Of Jesus"149
"Christ Is The Rock"150
Jesus, Name Above All NamesCristo, nombre glorioso15186
"Jesus Is The Rock"152
A Shelter in the Time of Storm153693
The Lord's Our Rock, in Him We Hide153
Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us154688480
"He Is The Image"El es la imagen155
He Keeps Me SingingHay un canto nuevo en mi ser156746
He Keeps Me SingingHay un canto nuevo en mi ser156746
He Keeps Me SingingHay un canto nuevo en mi ser156746
The Light Of the World is Jesus157
The whole world was lostEl mundo perdido en pecado se vio157
"I Am The Light Of the World"Yo soy la luz del mundo158
Of The Father's Love BegottenFruto del amor divino159240245
He the Pearly Gates Will OpenGrande amor, sublime, eterno160773
He the pearly gates will open160
Love Divine, So Great and WondrousGrande amor, sublime, eterno160
How marvelous! How wonderful!Que Cristo me haya salvado161
I Stand Amazed in the Presence161
My Savior's Love161348
I Will Sing of My Redeemer163517
My Redeemer163
"O What Love"164
Grace Greater than Our SinGracia Admirable165344395
Marvelous Grace of Our Loving LordGracia Admirable165
And Can It Be That I Should Gain?Oh maravilla de su amor166
And Can It Be That I Should Gain?166
And Can It Be?Maravilloso es el gran amor166347
In His PresenceEn tu presencia167618
Redeeming LoveDe su trono a un pesebre168
Redeeming Love168
"Let's Give Thanks"169
I would love to tell you what I thinkNadie pudo amarme como Cristo170
No One Ever Cared for Me Like JesusNadie pudo amarme como Cristo170496
No One Ever Cared for Me Like JesusYo quisiera hablarte170
"How Can We Pay Him?"171
Thanks to God for My RedeemerGracias dad a Jesucristo172
Tell Me the Story of JesusDime la historia de Cristo173295
Down From His Glory174
From Every Stormy Wind That BlowsOh amor profundo, inmenso amor175
From Every Stormy Wind That BlowsOh profundo, inmenso amor175
"Abundant Life"Vida Abundante176
Who Is He in Yonder Stall?177
Who Is He in Yonder Stall?177
Master, the Tempest is RagingSea la paz178
The winds and the wavesMaestro se encrespan las aguas178
"To Jairus's House"A la casa de Jairo179
"The Samaritan Woman"180
"The Samaritan Woman"La mujer samaritana180
"The Blind Man"El ciego Bartimeo181
"The Blind Man"181
"Land of Palestine"Tierra de la Palestina183
Green wave the palmsPalmas y flores que se ven brotar184
The PalmsLas Palmas184
In the Name of the LordHay poder esperanza y amor185299
In the Name of the LordHay poder esperanza y amor185299
There Is Power In the Name of the LordEn el nombre de Dios185
Hosanna!Mantos y palmas esparciendo va186
Hosanna, Loud HosannaCabalga Majestuoso187
Lead on, O King Eternal187724187
Lead on, O King Eternal187724307
Lead on, O King Eternal187724427
"Hosanna in the Highest"Hosanna en el cielo189
Holy, Holy, Holy Is the Lord of Hosts189
"Beautiful Jerusalem"190
"Beautiful Jerusalem"Una noche con la luna190
"Christ Our Offering"Cristo nuestra ofrenda es192
Behold The Savior193
Behold The SaviorFue de Dios la santa voluntad193
The Veil Is Rent195
Hallelujah, What a Savior!196311
Man Of Sorrows, What a Name 196
Look to The Savior197
I Gave My Life For TheeMi vida di por ti198675
On Cross Of CalvaryEn la vergonzosa cruz199
On Cross Of Calvary199
"How Beautiful His Feet"Pies Divinos201
"Christ Died Once For All"202
"Christ Died Once For All"202
O Sacred Head, Now WoundedCabeza Ensangrentada203316296
Lift High the CrossAlzad la cruz204450
"Vision Of the Cross"206
"Vision Of the Cross"En la hora postrera206
"Vision Of the Cross"206
"Vision Of the Cross"206
Beneath the Cross Of JesusJunto a la cruz de Cristo207320471
One Day208294274
"Blessed Hands of Jesus"209
Alas and did my Savior die210
At the CrossEn la cruz210323
Christ Arose212357312
Christ Arose212
Low in the Grave He Lay212
Christ the Lord Is Risen Today215367319
Christ the Lord Is Risen TodayCristo ya ha rescucitado215
Alleluia! Sing to Jesus Aleluya, gloria a Cristo2161732
Alleluia! Sing to Jesus 216377
Come, Thou Long-expected Jesus216244217
HYFRYDOL 2161732
I Will Sing of My Redeemer216309321
Our Great Savior2161732
Hail the Day That Sees Him RiseGloria, gloria al Vencedor217
Jesus Christ Is Risen Today21736047
Jesus Christ is Risen today217360306
Jesus Christ is Risen today217360317
The Strife Is O'er, the Battle Done219310
Thine Be the GloryTuya es la gloria220324
Thine is the Glory, Risen, Conquering SonA ti la gloria220
"Jesus Conquered Death"221
"Jesus Conquered Death"221
Because He Lives222358
God sent His Son222
We Will Glorify 223105
We Will Glorify - Palm Sunday Setting223301
He LivesAl Cristo vivo sirvo224368303
I serve a risen Savior El vive224
He Is ExaltedRey exaltado22636
Let's Worship and Adore HimVenid Adoremos228247
O Come, Let Us Adore HimVenid Adoremos228196
Come, Christians, Join to Sing Santa Biblia229225304
I Am Living, Lord, Because You Live230
Praise the Name of JesusAlabad a Cristo23122
"Lamb of God"Cordero232
Thou Art WorthyDigno Eres233100
Worthy Is The Lamb234
Worthy Is The LambDigno es el Cordero234
Come forth, O Christian youth23545461
Crown Him with Many CrownsA Cristo coronad23545325
Soldiers of Christ, Arise235723
Soldiers of Christ, arise235454
Jesus, Sweet JesusCristo, Jesucristo236
Jesus, Lover of My Soul237
Praise the Savior, Ye Who Know Him2384
Praise the Savior, Ye Who Know Him238
CROWN HIMCoronadle240
CROWN HIMVed a Cristo Rey de Gloria240
All Hail the Power of Jesus' NameLoores dad a Cristo el Rey24143278
All Hail King JesusGloria a Cristo242103
O Jesus, My King and My Sovereign243
Fairest Lord JesusHermoso Salvador24487275
I Am a Woman244452
O, How I Love Jesus24592
There is a name I love to hear 245
Jesus, What a Wonder You Are 24684
In Moments Like These24791
"Hymn to The Spirit"249
"There Shall Be Showers of Blessing"Lluvias de gracia251430140
"There Shall Be Showers of Blessing"Dios nos ha dado promesa251
Showers Of BlessingLluvias de gracia251
"You Have Been Sealed"Fuisteis Sellados252
"You Have Been Sealed"252
O Spread the Tidings 'Round253
The Comforter Has ComeEl fiel Consolador253386
"Be Filled Brethren"Sed llenos, hermanos254
They Were In An Upper RoomDios, manda tu gran poder255
They Were In An Upper RoomEn un aposento alto255
Seal Us, Holy Spirit257
Breathe On Me, Breath of GodSanto Consolador258393366
Here, O my Lord, I see Thee face to face260390357
Spirit of God, Descend upon My Heart260390367
Happy Our Home When God Is There262453372
Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee2628927
Prayer is the soul's sincere desire2628993
Fill me now263383
Oh, Divine Spirit264
"The Fruit Of The Spirit"265
"Fill Me Lord"266
Open My Eyes, That I May SeeAbre mis ojos a la luz267563431
"Your Word Is A Lamp"268
Come, Christians, Join to Sing (G)Santa Biblia270
Come, ye children of the Lord270507
Inmortal, Invisible, God Only WiseEterno, invisible, el Dios de poder27133
Inmortal, Invisible, God Only WiseLos cielos anuncian tus obras271
How Firm a Foundation272408211
Standing on the PromisesTodas las promesas273410138
Break Thou the Bread of Life274413210
Break Thou the Bread of Life274413354
"Constantly Remember"275
I Hear The Savior Say276
I Hear The Savior SayPadre, tu palabra es mi delicia276
Jesus Paid It All276305
"Your Word Is My Song"277
Sing Them Over Again to Me280406206
Sing Them Over Again to MeBellas palabras de vida280
Wonderful Words of LifeBellas palabras de vida280406206
Wonderful words of life280
Jesus Saves281438
We have heard the joyful sound281
What Must It Be (Bb)282
"Ezra Prepared His Heart"283
O Word of God IncarnateOh Verbo encarnado284414212
"Lord, I Seek In Vain"286
Beulah Land287
I've reached the land of Oh excelsa gracia del amor287
"The Roman Way"El camino romano288
"The Roman Way"Por cuanto todos pecaron288
O the Blood Of JesusOh, la sangre de Cristo289333
"Christ Lives In My Heart"290
"God Showed His Love"Dios muestra su amor291
"God Showed His Love"Mas Dios muestra su amor291
"There Is One God"Hay un solo Dios292
"There Is One God"Porque hay un solo Dios292
Take the Name of Jesus with YouOh, bondad tan infinita293235
"How Deep Your Love"294
God So Loved the World295
"Then He Saved Us"296
Nothing but the Blood298337
What Can Wash Away My Sin?298
O, Now I See the Cleansing Wave299
The Cleansing Wave299
The Cleansing Wave299
Amazing GraceSublime Gracia300343375
Central Fountain301
Without Him I Could Do NothingCristo, oh Cristo302
Do You Know My Jesus?303
Have you a heart that's weary?303
Are You Washed in the Blood?304330412
Are You Washed in the Blood?304
"Come to His Feet"305
Be In TimeBusca a Dios307
Be In Time307
Just As I AmTal como soy308488389
Drinking At the Stream of Living Water309
Drinking At the Stream of Living WaterToma de la fuente de agua viva309
In the Sweet By and By310
Sweet By and By310778
The Sweet By and By310
There is Power in the Blood311329
There is power, powerHay poder, poder sin igual poder311
Would You Be Free from the Burden?311
Come to the Savior312
Come to the SaviorA Jesucristo ven sin tardar312
A Jesucristo ven sin tardar312
"Come Friend to Jesus"313
"I've Found New Life"314
"I've Found New Life"314
"One hundred sheep"Eran cien ovejas315
"Shepherd's Vision"315
Calling TodayHoy te convida316
Jesus Is CallingCon voz benigna316482
Jesus Is Tenderly Calling You Home Con voz benigna316
"Lord Take Me As I Am"317
Come, Every One That Is ThirstyA los sedientos, venid a las aguas318720
Like a River GloriousDel amor divino320737
Like a River GloriousCual la mar hermosa320
Once I Thought I Walked With Jesus Paz con Dios321
"Years I Spent in Vanity and Pride"322
At Calvary322492393
Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross323
Jesus, Keep Me Near the CrossLejos de mi Padre Dios323
Near the CrossLejos de mi padre Dios323319458
No More, No More324
On A Hill Far AwayEn el monte Calvario325
The Old Rugged Cross326327297
The Old Rugged Cross326
The Old Rugged Cross326
The Lily of the Valley327626
"Only In Christ"Solamente en Cristo328
Come, Thou Fount of Every BlessingFuente de la vida eterna329
"There Is A Way"Hay una senda330
"Meeting Jesus"331
"Meeting Jesus"331
"I Now Have Joy"332
"I Now Have Joy"Vagaba por el mundo332
A New Name in GloryUn nombre nuevo en la gloria333521
A new name in Glory333
I Was Once A SinnerHay un nombre en la gloria333
God Is So Good334193
He Took My Sins Away336
I came to Jesus wearyCansado y triste vine al Salvador336
Since Jesus Came Into My Heart337503
What a wonderful change in my life337
Down At the Cross Where My Savior DiedA su nombre gloria338
Glory to His NameJunto a la cruz338493
RedeemedComprado con sangre por Cristo339356
"Chosen By God"Escogido fui de Dios340
"Eternal Life"Vida Eterna341
"Eternal Life"Dios nos ha dado vida eterna341
A Wonderful Savior Is Jesus My Lord342
He Hideth My SoulMi alma la esconde en la Roca342611
Abide With Me: Fast Falls the Eventide Yo te bendigo343
I know not why God's wonderous344
I Know Whom I Have Believed344527422
My Faith Has Found a Resting Place 345528
At the Name of Jesus346766
Under His Wings I Am Safely AbidingBajo sus alas347620
Under His Wings I Am Safely AbidingSeguro estoy347
When We Are LivingPues si vivimos348
Sweeter As the Years Go ByDel santo amor de Cristo349
Sweeter As the Years Go By349
My Hope Is in the Lord350540
"Love the Lord Above"351
Jesus my Lord will love me352
Now I Belong to JesusYa pertenezco a Cristo352501
"A New Commandment"Un mandamiento nuevo353
"Love Will Remain"Si yo hablase en lenguas y no tengo354
"Love Will Remain"354
"Love Is"La gente de nuestro tiempo355
My Peace I Give Unto TheeMi Paz356
Love, Love (Canon)Amor, Amor357
They'll Know We Are Chrstians358429
The Joy Of The Lord359541
"Sing With Joy"360
Sunshine in My SoulGrande gozo hay en mi alma361747
There Is Sunshine in My Soul TodayGrande gozo hay en mi alma hoy 361747
I'm Not AloneSolo no estoy362
"O My Holy God"Oh mi santo Dios363
The Lord Is My Shepherd364
"Those Who Wait Upon the Lord"365
"Those Who Wait Upon the Lord"365
Blessed AssuranceEn Jesucristo36657212
This is my story36657212
This is my story, this is my songGloria cantemos al Redentor366
"I Trust In The Lord"Confiado Estoy367
"I Trust In The Lord"367
Day By Day368718
"When Christ Came"Cuando Cristo vino369
Jesus, Jesus, how I trust Him371
Jesus, Jesus, preciousJesucristo, Jesucristo, ya tu amor371
Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus371581
I'll Walk with Him Always372
The Lord Is My Shepherd (Canon)372
It Is Well With My SoulTengo paz con mi Dios373705107
It Is Well With My SoulEstoy bien373
When Peace Like a River373
I Just Keep Trusting in The Lord374
I Just Keep Trusting My Lord374
No, Never Alone375
No, Never Alone375
No, Never Alone375
"Trust In The Lord"376
"Trust In The Lord"376
A Christian Home377451
Be Still, My Soul377712382
His Glorious NameDescanso en ti377130
O Lord, Our Lord377175
"The Lord Sustains Me"378
"Be Strong and of Good Courage"379
Set My Spirit Free380
Cleanse Me382657
"If I Have Wounded Any Soul"Si fui motivo de dolor383
Have Thine Own Way, LordHaz lo que quieras384591442
ELIZABETHCristo el bendito Salvador386
Jesus Is All the World to MeCristo es mi dulce Salvador386512
Leaning On the Everlasting Arms38757599
What a fellowshipLibre, salvo, del pecado 387
"There Are Moments"Hay Momentos388
The Greatest ThingAmarte es lo mejor389
"Christ lives in me"Con Cristo he sido juntamente390
"Christ lives in me"390
A pilgrim was I and awand'ringYo fui peregrino errabundo391
Surely Goodness and MercyCiertamente391691
Surely Goodness and MercyCiertamente el bien de Dios391
All for Jesus! A los pies de Jesucristo393588
"When we Walk with the Lord"394
Trust and ObeyCuando andemos con Dios394571112
When we Walk with the LordCuando andamos con Dios394571112
My Jesus, I Love Thee39579137
My Jesus, I Love TheeOh Cristo, yo te amo395
"O Christ, King of my"396
Dying with Jesus by death reckonedCada momento397
Moment By MomentCada momento397545
Moment By MomentCristo me ayuda397
Moment By MomentEn mis angustias397
Yes, He DidPacientemente398
"I Want to Sing a Beautiful Song"400
"You Are My Thought, O Lord"401
"The Vine and Branches"402
"The Vine and Branches"Yo soy la vid y mi Padre el Labrador402
Nearer, My God, to Thee403553470
Nearer, My God, to Thee403553
Nearer, My God, to Thee403
Spirit Song404384
Spirit Song404
How Sweet the Name405
If Thou but suffer God to Guide Thee406118
If Thou But Suffer God to Guide Thee406
He Leadeth Me, O Blessed Thought407690136
All the Way My Savior Leads Me408680113
Jesus Led Me All the Way409
Jesus Led Me All the Way409
Jesus Led Me All the Way409
Take My Life and Let It Be410
"Make Me a Captive, Lord"411
Oh I Love to Walk With JesusOh yo quiero andar con Cristo412
Oh yo quiero andar con Cristo412
I Have Decided to Follow JesusHe decidido seguir a Cristo413602
I Have Decided to Follow JesusHe decidido seguir a Cristo413
"O Christ, I Want to Please You"Oh Cristo, anhelo agradarte414
Seek Ye FirstBuscad primero el reino de Dios415713
Cristo fiel te quiero ser416
Be Thou My Vision417562486
Be Thou My Vision417562
"Lord, You Call Me"418
"A New Vase"Un vaso nuevo419
"A New Vase"419
"I Want to Tell You"Te vengo a decir420
"With My Lips"Con mis labios421
Jesus, I Am Resting, RestingQue el sentir de Jesucristo422741
Lord, Make Me An InstrumentHazme un instrumento de tu paz423
But give me JesusOh que gran misericordia424
Give Me JesusDejo el mundo y sigo a Cristo424554
Take the World, But Give Me Jesus Dejo el mundo y sigo a Cristo424
"Blessed is the Lord"425
Lord, You Have Come to the Lakeshore426
Lord, You Have Come to the LakeshorePescador de hombres426
Be not dismayed whate'r 427
God Will Take Care of You 427692
Through It AllVencedor428580
Through It AllMuchas veces he pensado428
"I Don't Want to Sin"Yo no quiero pecar429
Farther along we'll know all about itCuando tentado yo he desedo430
Tempted and TriedEntenderemos430
Yield Not to TemptationTentado, no cedas431
Glory Hallelujah I 432
I Shall Not Be Moved 432
When my cross is heavy432
"After the Tempest"433
I heard an old old story434
Victory in JesusVictoria en Cristo434353
Victory in JesusVictoria en Cristo434
Victory in JesusYa tengo la victoria434
I am weak but Thou Art Strong435564386
Just a Closer Walk With Thee435564386
Just a Closer Walk With Thee435
Count Your Blessings436786384
When upon life's billows you areCuando combatido por la adversidad436
"I Want to Overcome"Yo quiero vencer437
He Giveth More GraceSu gracia es mayor438707
He Giveth More GraceSu gracia es mayor438
O soul are you weary and troubledOh alma cansada y turbada440
Turn Your Eyes Upon JesusPon tus ojos en Cristo440
Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus Pon tus ojos en Cristo440340
"He Knows My Way"442
"He Knows My Way"El conoce mi camino442
"The Lord Is Good"443
My heart can sing444
Until ThenHasta entonces444780
Until ThenHasta Entonces444
Rejoice In The Lord (Canon)446
Rejoice In The Lord Always446745
Give ThanksDad Gracias447170
A Glorious ChurchUna iglesia sin mancha448
A Glorious Church448
A Glorious ChurchEs la iglesia fiel, sin mancha ni arruga448
A Glorious ChurchLa Iglesia sin mancha448
Little Brown ChurchMi iglesia querida449
Little Brown ChurchUna iglesia prefiere mi alma449
Glorious Things of Thee Are SpokenDe la Iglesia el fundamento450400115
In Thanksgiving Let Us Praise Him450796
De la Iglesia el fundamento450415
LYONSIglesia de Cristo451
"In Our Church"En la Iglesia453
God of Grace and God of Glory455435
Guide Me, O Thou Great JehovahDios de gracia, Dios de gloria455682440
For All the SaintsHoy por los santos456767494
Hoy por los santos456
Hoy por los santos456
The Family of God457419
The Family of GodLa familia de Dios457
"One Body"Un solo cuerpo458
"One Body"458
O Savior, Precious Savior460
"We Are One In Christ"Somos uno en Cristo461
Behold, How Pleasant463
"Joyful News"Nuevas Alegres464
Never Be Afraid465
"You Will Receive"467
I Love to Tell the StoryGrato es decir la histori468444205
Freely, Freely469436
"Let us Speak of Him"470
"Those Who Sow"471
I Want to be a Worker472
I Want to be a WorkerTrabajar y orar472
I Want to be a Worker472
EL CONDOR PASAEl mundo hoy473
All power is given unto meTodo poder mi Dios me dio474
Far, Far Away, in Death and DarknessVed los millones474
"To the Ends Of the Earth"475
God, Our Father, We Adore TheeMensajeros del Maestro47793
Love Divine, All Loves Excelling477648463
Love Divine, All Loves ExcellingMensajeros del Maestro477
My Peace I Leave YouLa paz os dejo478
"Here Am I"479
O Zion, Haste480443451
O Zion, HasteA prisa Iglesia480
"Everyone Who Invokes the Name"Todo aquel que invocare481
What A Friend We Have in Jesus482630106
"Delight In the Lord"483
And He walks with me485
I Come to the Garden AloneA solas al huerto yo485
In the GardenA solas al huerto yo voy485635
"In the Morning, Thou Dost Hear My Voice"486
Jesus, We Just Want to Thank YouCristo, queremos dar gracias487791
Hear Our Prayer, O Lord488641559
Open Our Eyes, LordAbre mis ojos489633
Are you weary are youDilo a Cristo490
Tell it to Jesus490
"Dear Heavenly Father"Padre nuestro celestial491
"Thank You, Lord"492
Sweet Hour of Prayer49364094
Family SongAbba Padre494
For These Gifts We Thank YouPor estos alimentos, Dios495
"Have You Heard My Prayer, Lord?"496
Revive Thy Work, O Lord497
I Will Serve TheeYo te sirvo498660
Anywhere with Jesus I Can Safely GoA cualquiera parte500
Anywhere with Jesus I Can Safely GoA servir a Cristo500
Anywhere with Jesus I Can Safely Go500
"Only Worship Him"Solamente temed501
BRAHMSSed fieles, hermanos502
Awake O ChristiansDespertad, Despertad503
Lord, Speak to Me504667448
"Give With Joy"505
"Give With Joy"Todo lo que respira505
Rock Of Ages, Cleft for Me506342
Rock Of Ages, Cleft for MePara siempre es su bondad506
"Fulfill Your Ministry"Oh, cumple tu ministerio507
"The Talents"Todos recibieron sus talentos del508
"The Talents"Los Talentos508
"Offering to the Lord"509
"Faithful Steward"510
"Faithful Steward"510
Joy in Serving JesusGozo da servir a Cristo511
There Is Joy in Serving JesusGozo da servir a Cristo511
Shall We Gather at the River?En las aguas de la muerte512
Come, Thou Fount of Every BlessingFuente de la vida eterna5131121
Praise the One Who Breaks the DarknessLos que somos bautizados513293
When I Survey the Wondrous CrossLa cruz excelsa516324300
CONVERSEObediente a tu mandato517
King Of My Life, I Crown Thee NowRey de mi vida518
Lead Me to CalvaryRey de mi vida518310
Abide With Me519642153
Abide With MeYo te bendigo519
"An Upper Room"Gratitud por el pastor519
DORRANCEHoy venimos, cual hermanos520
"We Come to Your Table"Llegamos a tu mesa521
Come, Christians, Join to Sing (G)522
There Is a FountainHay un precioso manantial524336397
"Come to the Table"Vengan a la mesa525
"Precious Blood"Cristo su preciosa sangre526
Lift Him Up527
Sound the Battle Cry528
"To You, O Lord, I Pray"529
Encamped along the hills of light530
Faith Is the VictoryFe la victoria da530727132
The Fight Is On532
Stand Up, Stand Up for JesusEstad por Cristo firmes533730433
The Banner of the Cross534435
There's a Royal Banner Given for DisplayAdelante con valor534
Battle Hymn of the Republic535804191
Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory535
All For Jesus! All for Jesus!536588
And when the battle's over538
Onward, Christian SoldiersFirmes y adelante539731430
ARLINGTONSale a la lucha540728
"Call to Victory"541
Christ Is Our CaptainCristo nuestro Jefe542
"Christ Is Coming"Ya Cristo viene543
"The Coming of Jesus"La venida de Cristo544
"The Coming of Jesus"544
Coming Again Notas alegres cantad545
Jesus Is Coming AgainViene otra vez545753
"Heaven and Earth"547
The King Is ComingEl Rey ya viene548763
The King Is ComingOh el Rey ya viene548
"The Glorious Morning"549
Christ Is Made the Sure FoundationCon las nubes viene Cristo550403499
Lo, He Comes with Clouds DescendingCon las nubes viene Cristo550
When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder551774513
When the trumpet of the Lord551
"The Power Of The Spirit"552
"The Power Of The Spirit"552
He is Coming AgainCristo viene otra vez554
He is Coming AgainEs mi Salvador eterno554
He is Coming Again554
We Shall Behold HimLe Veremos555755
We Shall Behold HimLos cielos se abren555
Face to Face I shall behold HimEn presencia estar de Cristo556781
Face to Face I shall behold HimCara a cara espero verle556
"For That Great Day I Am Waiting"557
Christ ReturnethCristo viene558
It May Be At Morn558
It May Be At MornBien pudiera ser558
It May Be At MornPudiera bien ser558
I Shall Know Him559768
I Shall Know Him559
Rock Of AgesRoca de la eternidad560342123
TOPLADYRoca de la eternidad560
We Bow Down561154
"The New Jerusalem"563
"The New Jerusalem"563
"Beyond the Sun"564
"Beyond the Sun"Aunque en esta vida564
I've Got a Mansion565
I've Got a MansionBellas Mansiones565
"Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled"566
Higher Ground567549
I'm Pressing on the Upward Way567
O That Will Be Glory Gloria sin fin568769
Oh that will be glory for me568
When All My Labors and Trials Are O'er568
When All My Labors and Trials Are O'erCuando mis luchas terminen568
Sing the Wonderous Love of JesusAlabanzas dad a Cristo570
We'll sing and shout the victoryCuando estemos en Gloria570
When We All Get to HeavenCanten del amor de Cristo570772
When we all get to HeavenAlabanzas dad a Cristo570
Jesus Loves Me! This I KnowCristo me ama572185130
Jesus Loves Me! This I Know572
Jesus Loves and Came to Save Me573
Jesus Loves Me (DER HAHN)574
Jesus Loves Me (DER HAHN)574
I Am So Glad That Our Father in Heav'n575
Jesus Loves Even MeGozo la Santa Palabra leer575495
"Let the Little Ones Come"576
"Remember Your Creator"578
"Joyful Hearts"Corazones siempre alegres579
"Fifteen Years Old"580
"Proclaim O Youth"Proclamad, juventud redimida582
Adelante Juventud582
"Thou Art My God"583
"Queen Esther"El rey persa, buscando otra reina585
"Queen Esther"La Reina Ester585
"God Prospered Joseph"588
"God Prospered Joseph"588
God Has Spoken by His ProphetsDicha grande es la del hombre589407
What Must It Be (Ab)Las mujeres cristianas590
"Ruth the Moabite"591
"Ruth the Moabite"Rut la Moabita591
O Perfect LovePerfecto Amor592458522
"Bless This Couple"Dios bendiga las almas unidas593
"Wedding Prayer"594
"Wedding Prayer"Padre eterno, hoy humildemente594
"The Christian Family"596
"The Christian Family"La familia cristiana596
"A Joyous Home"Danos un feliz hogar597
"A Joyous Home"Gran felicidad se goza en el hogar597
"A Joyous Home"Un feliz hogar597
O Christian, Haste, Your Mission HighCuando las bases598
O Christian, Haste, Your Mission High598
God Give Us Christian HomesDanos un bello hogar599457
Not alone for mighty empire600195
Praise the Lord! Ye Heavens, Adore Him60082
"Happy Family"Hay un lugar que Dios me dio601
"Happy Family"Familia Feliz601
MADRIDAnte tu presencia, Dios603
MADRIDEn tu templo, Padre603
MADRIDHonor a las madres603
Come, Christians, Join to Sing (G)Ante nuestro Padre Dios604
Come, Christians, Join to Sing (G)Honor a los padres604
She Will be Called BlessedBienaventurada605
Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee / HYMN TO JOY60690
HAINSWORTHA mi madre607
PUEBLADad a Dios inmortal alabanza609
Another year is dawning61091
O living Bread from Heaven610359
Rejoice and SingCon alegres corazones611
Happy Birthday612
"Our Country Shall Be For Christ"Nuestra Patria613
"America for Jesus"614
NUN DANKETTe damos gracias Dios615
All praise to You, my God, this night616160
Ye Nations Round the Earth RejoiceA Dios, naciones, dad loor616
Praise Ye the FatherSupremo Dios617
Praise Ye the Triune God 617155121
"Praise the Lord"619
God Be with You till We Meet AgainDios os guarde620232141
Jesus Loves the Little ChildrenGracias, Dios por los pastores621
Abide With MeYo te bendigo622
"An Upper Room with Evening Lamps"Gratitud por el pastor622
Give Me JesusEste templo dedicamos623
All Hail, Adored Trinity624365
All People That on Earth Do Dwell / Doxology624101
Doxology (Old Hund)624815
Praise God From Whom All BlessingsA Dios el Padre Celestial624
May the Grace of Our Lord JesusCelebremos el amor de Dios625
Glory Be to The Father (Meineke)Gloria demos al Padre626566
Glory Be to The Father (Meineke)Gloria Patri626
"Forever"Porque para siempre su misericordia628
"Forever"Para siempre es628
Pilgrim's Chorus (Wagner)Eterno Rey629
The Lord Is in His Holy Temple630216
All Hail the Power of Jesus' NameEngrandecido sea Dios63216
All Hail the Power of Jesus' NameDad Gloria a nuestro Dios632
All Hail the Power of Jesus' NameEngrandecido sea Dios632
"Come, I Invite You"633
"Make a Joyful Noise"Cantad alegres, cantad a Dios634
Over Jordan635
You Are WelcomeCon gran gozo y placer635
KUM BAI YAEn la escuela dominical637
Another year is dawning639811
The Church's One FoundationTu pueblo jubiloso639401501
Our Father in HeavenOh Padre en los cielos640
Our Father, Who art in Heaven640564
And are we yet alive645388
Blest Be the Tie That BindsSagrado es el amor645426504
Savior, Again to thy Dear Name646157
The Lord Bless You and Keep You647236577
Amen (Sevenfold)648
Amen (Threefold)649551
Amen (Twofold)650550
Amen (Fivefold)651
"To Him Who Sits Upon the Throne"652
Wedding March, WagnerMarcha Nupcial, Entrada901901901
Wedding Recessional, MendelssohnMarcha Nupcial, Salida902902902
Pomp and Circumstance903903903
Awana Theme SongMarcha OANSA 911911
Awana Theme SongFirmes OANSA va911911
Theme Song AwanaCanto lema OANSA 911911
Awana Cubbies Theme SongHimno OANSA Ositos #2912912
Awana Cubbies Theme SongMarcha Ositos OANSA #2912912
Cubbies Awana Theme SongCanto lema Ositos OANSA #2912912
Awana Sparks Theme SongHimno OANSA Chispas #3913913
Awana Sparks Theme SongMarcha Chispas OANSA #3913913
Sparks Awana Theme SongCanto lema Chispas OANSA #3913913
Transition 215-216915
O Say, Can You SeeHimno Nacional EUA921921921
Star Spangled BannerHimno Nacional EUA921921921
US National AnthemHimno Nacional EUA921921921
America, the BeautifulHimno patrio EUA #1922922922
Oh Beautiful for Spacious SkiesHimno patrio EUA #1922922922
My Country, 'Tis of TheeHimno patrio EUA #2924924924
God Defend New ZealandHimno Nueva Zelanda925925925
Oh Canada!926926926
God Save the QueenHimno Gran Bretania927927927
Tuning - Guitar: E A D G B EAfinar Guitarra951951951
Tuning - Flute,Oboe,C TrumpetAfinar Instrumentos Do952952952
Tuning - Bb trumpet,Trombone,ClarinetAfinar Instrumentos Si bemol953953953
Tuning - StringsAfinar Cuerdas954954954
Transition 60-61960
De ColoresDe Colores971971971
Transition 382-383982
Whither Bound988988
A Charge to Keep I Have666
A Child of the King574
A Communion Hymn for Christmas287
A Perfect Heart70
A Shield About Me709
Abba Father81
Ah, Lord God149
Air Force Hymn962962
Alas! And Did My Savior Bleed?306294
All Glory, Laud, and Honor300281
All People That on Earth Now Dwell81557
All That I Need651
All That Thrills My Soul511
All the Glory belongs to Jesus172
All Your Anxiety613
Alleluia 1596
Alleluia 2597
Alleluia 3598
Alleluia, Alleluia! Give Thanks359
Amazing Love351
America, the Beautiful799200
Anchors Aweigh964964
Antiphonal Praise160
Arise, Shine241
Army Hymn961961
As the Deer548
As with Gladness Men of Old290
Ask Ye What Great Thing I Know535
At the Name of Jesus28
Awesome God179
Awesome Power150
Be Exalted, O God32
Be Joyful363
Be Still and Know585
Be Strong in the Lord734
Behold the Lamb304
Behold, What Manner of Love708
Beyond the Sunset775
Bind Us Together425
Bless God60
Bless His Holy Name55
Bless the Lord your God61
Bless the Lord, O My Soul58
Bless the Lord, O my Soul605
Bless the Name of Jesus195
Blessed be the Lord God Almighty62
Blessed Be the Name52
Blessed be the Name of the Lord64
Blessed Redeemer326
Break forth, O Beauteous Heavenly Light264
Breathe On Me396
By His Grace339
Calvary Covers It All312
Cares Chorus627
Cast Thy Burden upon the Lord229
Celebrate Jesus362
Change My Heart, O God654
Christ, We Do All Adore Thee230
Church CallCulto969969
Close to Thee607
Come into His Presence171
Come into the Holy of Holies218
Come Just as You Are481
Come to the Table464
Come, Holy Spirit382
Come, Holy Spirit, Dove Divine467
Come, Let Us Reason484
Come, let us Worship and Bow Down227
Come, Share the Lord462
Come, Ye Sinners, Poor and Needy486
Coming Again765
Create in me a pure heart652
Cross of Jesus, Cross of Sorrow335
Crown Him King of Kings44
Crown Him Lord of All42
Day of Rejoicing770
Dear Lord and Father of Mankind639400
Descend, O Holy Spirit395
Doxology (Fairhill)814
Each One, Reach one442
Enter His Gates168
Everything Was Made by God181
Everything Was Made by God183
Exalt the Lord30
Faith of Our Fathers404437
Father God141
Fill My Cup, Lord702
Find Us Faithful456
Follow Him687
Footsteps of Jesus685
For All These Things792
For the Beauty of the Earth182
For the Beauty of the Earth79388
Give Him Thanks787
Glorify the Lamb of God108
Glorious Is Thy Name Most Holy677
Glory be to the Father (Greatorex)813568
Glory be to the Father (Meineke)812566
Glory to God in the Highest586
Glory to the Father606
Glory to the Lamb111
Glory to You, Word601
Go, Tell It on the Mountain258244
God is My Refuge701
God Leads Us Along696
God So Loved the World350
God Will Make a Way704
God with us242
God's Love and Strength703
Good Shepherd, Take This Little Child468
Grace, Love and Fellowship233
Great and Mighty129
Great are You, Lord159
Great are You, O Lord144
Great is the Lord140
Great is the Lord Almighty!376
Great Things He Has Done53
Greater is He That Is in Me394
Hallelujah Chorus39
Hallelujah! Our God Reigns35
Hallelujah! Praise the Lamb110
Hallowed be Thy Name200
Have Faith in God536
Have You Any Room for Jesus478
He is Here220
He Is Jehovah715
He is Lord34
He Is Our Peace614
He is the King of Kings201
He Lifted Me509
He Rose Triumphantly369
He Touched Me505
He Who Began a Good Work in You537
Heal Our Land800
Heaven Came Down510
Here I am, Lord589
He's Got the Whole World in His Hands58695
His Cleansing Blood331
His Eye Is on the Sparrow624
His Name is Life117
His Strength is Perfect573
Holy Bible, Book Divine412
Holy God, We Praise Thy Name2
Holy Ground138
Holy Ground217
Holy is He74
Holy Is the Lord75
Holy Lord126
Holy Spirit, Light Divine392
Holy Spirit, Thou Art Welcome387
Hosann to the Son of David298
Hosanna, Loud Hosanna297
How excellent is Thy Name125
How great our Joy!269
How Majestic Is Your Name121
How sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds123
Humble Thyself in the sight of the Lord622
I Am a Man455
I Am Crucified with Christ558
I Am His and He Is Mine748
I Am Resolved566
I Am the God That Healeth Thee717
I Am Thine, O Lord552477
I Am Trusting Thee, Lord Jesus582
I Believe in a Hill Called Mount Calvary318
I Cannot tell354
I Extol you248
I Give All to You595
I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day267260
I Hide your Word Within My Heart411
I know a Fount332
I Live366
I Love Thy Kingdom, Lord405
I love to Praise Him514
I Love You With the Love of the Lord422
I Must Tell Jesus636
I Need Thee Every HourTe necesito ya638424
I Offer My Life663
I Pledge Allegiance to the Lamb600
I Sing Praises5
I Sing the Mighty Power of God Yo canto el poder de Dios12816
I stand in Awe80
I Surrender All596
I Then Shall Live604
I Want to Be Like Jesus550
I Will Bless the Lord67
I Will bless Thee, O Lord174
I Will Call upon the Lord530
I will come and Bow Down228
I Will Remember Thee463
I Will Sing the Wondrous Story499409
I Worship You, Almighty God146
I Would Be Like Jesus561
I'd Rather Have Jesus506
If My People Will Pray803
If My People's Hearts Are Humbled805
I'll Fly Away779
I'll Go Where You Want Me to Go668
I'll Live for Him590
I'll tell the World That I'm a Christian448
I'm Forever Grateful173
I'm So Glad, Jesus Lifted Me522
In All Things Give Him Thanks789
In Christ There Is No East or West 428169
In God I Trust579
In His Time681
In My Heart There Rings a Melody502
In Remembrance461
In the Cross of Christ I Glory328293
In This Very Room612
In Thy Kingdom Remember us607
In Times like These577
Infant Holy, Infant Lowly279251
Instruments of Your Peace637
Into my Heart485
Isn't He?254
It Came upon the Midnight Clear251257
It is a good thing to give Thanks167
It took a Miracle494
Jesus Calls UsJesucristo te convida592469
Jesus Christ is born!257
Jesus Is Lord of All519
Jesus Is Lord of All599
Jesus is the Sweetest Name I Know76
Jesus Loves the Little Children447
Jesus Never Fails721
Jesus, I Come491
Jesus, I My Cross Have TakenCristo, mi cruz he tomado603462
Jesus, Lord to Me47
Jesus, Lord to Me47
Jesus, Lover of My Soul710
Jesus, My Jesus341
Jesus, Our Lord and King466
Jesus, Priceless Treasure623
Jesus, Your Name119
Joy of My Desire744
Joy Unspeakable740
King of the Nations801
Lamb of God302
Lamb of God604
Lead me, Lord689
Lead Me, Lord695
Learning to Lean534
Let all the earth cry out to the Lord584
Let All Things Now Living794
Let my life praise Him556
Let the Peace of Christ Rule In Your Heart231
Let the redeemed208
Let there be Glory and Honor and Praises20
Let there be Praise211
Let Us Break Bread Together460360
Let us proclaim602
Let us proclaim B603
Let's just Praise the Lord18
Lift High the Lord, Our Banner41
Lift Up Your Heads758
Little Is Much When God Is in It661
Living for JesusVivo por Cristo605452
Living Sacrifice594
Lo! How a Rose E'er Blooming255220
Lo, He Comes with Clouds Descending754
Lord, guard and Guide/ Men/fly (175)192
Lord, have mercy585
Lord, I lift Your Name on High107
Lord, I'm Coming Home490
Lord, Lay Some Soul Upon my Heart449
Lord, We Praise You222
Love has come!256
Love Lifted Me 508416
Love that binds421
Majestic and Glorious120
Make Me a Blessing670
Make Me a Servant669
Make Us One418
Marine Hymn963963
May the Mind of Christ, My Savior568
Mess CallComida968968
Mighty Is Our God48
Mighty Warrior725
Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory191
More About Jesus560445
More Love to Thee634460
More Precious than Silver88
Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone?673290
My Faith Looks Up to TheeMi fe espera en ti539135
My Faith Still Holds544
My life Is in You, Lord542
My Redeemer307
Name above all names14
Name of all Majesty116
Navy Hymn964964
Near to the Heart of God617
Nearer, Still Nearer567
Night of miracles283
No One Understands like Jesus610
No Other Name15
No, Not One!609
Now unto Him234
O Beautiful for Spacious Skies799200
O Bless the Gifts817
O Canada!806
O Happy Day!498
O Hearken Ye274
O How He Loves You and Me349
O Jesus, I Have Promised676428
O Lord, You're Beautiful643
O Love That Will Not Let Me Go606133
O Magnify the Lord124
O Master, Let Me Walk With Thee665
O Mighty Cross317
O Mighty God, When I Behold the Wonder1471
O say, can you see201
O sing a song of Bethlehem291
O The Deep, Deep Love of Jesus352
O Thou Joyful, O Thou Wonderful282
O to Be Like Thee!551
Off We Go Into the Wild Blue Yonder962962
Offering of Thanks212
Oh for a Thousand Tongues371
Oh, the Glory of your Presence226
On Jordan's Stormy Banks777
Once in Royal David's City286
Once to Every Man and Nation733
One Small Child280
Only Believe532
Only Trust Him480
Our God Is Lifted Up59
Pass Me NotNo me pases, no me olvides489410
Peace like a River750
People Need the Lord445
People of God427
Praise God, from Whom all blessings 549
Praise Him! Praise Him!126
Praise Him, All Ye Little Children188
Praise Him, All Ye Little Children Reprise I190
Praise Him, all ye little children Reprise II192
Praise the Almighty King7
Praise to the King102
Praise to the Lord, the Almighty21018
Praise to you, Lord599
Praise You559
Praise, love and thanks187
Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven1
Precious Lord, Take My Hand684
Priase and honor to You, Lord600
Pure and Holy647
Rejoice with exceeding great joy!268
Rejoice, Ye Pure In Heart (refrain)Dad gracias y hoy cantad169483
Rescue the Perishing441411
Response Easter594
Response 1 Advent587
Response 2 Advent588
Response 3 Christmas589
Response 4 Epiphany590
Response 5 Lent591
Response 6 Lent592
Response 7 Lent593
Response Ascension595
RetreatToque retiro militar970970
ReveilleToque despertar mili967967
Revive Us, O Lord432
Rise and Be Healed711
Rise Up, O Church of God433
Room at the Cross for you487
Saved, Saved!500
Seekers of Your Heart557
Semper Paratus965965
Send the Light437
Shepherd of Eager17
Shine, Jesus, Shine431
Since I have Been Redeemed515
Sing Hallelujah, Praise the Lord!13
Sing of His Greatness145
Sing Praise to God Who Reigns Above97
Sing unto the Lord - PATILLO46
Sing unto the Lord - FENDER57
Sing We Now of Christmas275
So Sent I You - by Grace Made Strong440
Softly and Tenderly479414
Something Beautiful507
Something for Thee671
Song for the Nations439
Soon and Very Soon757
Stand Up and Bless the Lord65
Sun of My Soul625148
Surely the Presence (of the Lord Is in This Place)219
Sweet Beulah Land776
Sweet, Sweet Spirit391
Take My Life and Let It Be Consecrated 597485
Take My Life, Lead Me Lord664
Take Time to Be HolySed puros y santos656110
Tell Me the Old, Old StoryDime la antigua historia621207
Thank You, Lord513
That Beautiful Name266
The Battle Belongs to the Lord732
The Birthday of a King284
The Blessing Song470
The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power334
The bond of Love423
The Caissons Go Rolling Along961961
The Cross - Tree of Life322
The Family Prayer Song454
The First Noel La noticia sin igual265262
The Greatest Thing644
The house of the Lord223
The King of Love My Shepherd Is683
The Longer I Serve Him520
The Lord has risen!364
The Lord on High is Mighty!127
The Lord's My Shepherd, I'll Not Want69496
The Majesty and Glory of Your Name152
The Marine's Hymn963963
The Prokimenon608
The Return of Christ756
The Savior Is Waiting483
The Servant Song424
The Solid Rock526
The Star-Spangled Banner802
The Steadfast Love of the Lord576
The Sweetest Name of All615
The Trees of the Field764
The Way of the Cross Leads Home697
There is a Redeemer308
There Is a Savior533
There Is a Savior533
There Is No Name So Sweet on Earth6
Therefore the Redeemed of the Lord761
There's a Wideness in God's Mercy355407
There's Something About That Name83
Think about His Love158
This Child We Dedicate to Thee469
This Is My Father's WorldEl mundo es de mi Dios14376
This is love346
This is the Day209
Thou art Worthy, Great Jehovah99
Thou Didst Leave Thy Throne292273
Thy Loving Kindness706
Thy Word184
Til the Storm Passes By543
To Be like Jesus555
To Be Like Jesus565
To Him who sits on the Throne373
To Thee We Ascribe Glory96
Trusting Jesus578
Unto Thee, O Lord531
US Coast Guard965965
V' ne-e-mahr610
Victory Chant374
Victory Song (Through Our God)729
We Are an Offering678
We Are God's People399
We Are So Blessed795
We bring the sacrifice of Praise213
We declare your Majesty133
We Give Thee But Thine Own816
We Give These Gifts818
We have Come into His House224
We have come to join in Worship207
We Remember You459
We Three Kings288264
We Will Overcome726
We Will stand417
We worship and Adore You194
We'll Undertand It Better By and By771
We're Marching to Zion416492
Were You There?315298
We've a Story to Tell to the NationsLa historia de Cristo diremos446209
What a Day That Will Be762
What a Mighty God We Serve672
What a Wonderful Savior!345
What Can I Give Him?263
What If It Were Today?759
What wonderous Love Is This314
When I Look Into Your Holiness649
When I Survey the Wondrous Cross321
When Morning Guilds the Skies215146
Where He Leads Me 593
Where the Spirit of the Lord Is385
Wherever He Leads I'll Go598
While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks272240
While We Are Waiting, Come760
Whiter than Snow653
Why Do I Sing About Jesus?739
Why Should He Love Me So?325
With All My Heart662
Wonderful Peace743
Wonderful, Wonderful Jesus749
Worthy is the Lamb303
Worthy of Worship153
Worthy the Lamb That Was Slain313
Worthy, You are Worthy106
Worthy, You Are Worthy - Christmas Setting 260
Ye Nations Round the160
Ye watchers and ye Holy Ones63215
Yes, Lord, Yes601
Yesterday, Today, Forever584
You Are Crowned With Many Crowns37
You Are My All in All583
You are my God40
You Servants of God387