About Us

Gloria Music was organized in the early 90’s in an attempt to provide accompaniment for Spanish-speaking congregations that use the Celebremos su Gloria Hymnal published by Libros Alianza.  However, the compact digital orchestra has become a popular choice in over 70 countries for people of many languages and cultures.  Gloria1 became available in 2000 and now Gloria3’s  include a USB port that permits users to add their own hymns as well as hymnals such as The Celebration Hymnal (Word-Integrity).  The instrument may be connected to a sound system, but is portable when powered by 4 D batteries or a solar panel. Gloria Music Corporation is a company operated by volunteers, with no payroll or physical office. Revenue in excess of costs is used to keep up with electronic updates of components.  

Our History

The Celebremos su Gloria project developed out of the missionary vision and friendship of Tim and Lynn Andersontimandlynn and Bob Savage (compiler of the first truly Hispanic interdenominational hymnal, that was published in 1966). Based in Colombia, South America with TEAM, Tim and Lynn shared Bob’s concern that an up-dated worship tool become available. When Bob passed away in 1987, the Andersons were determined to make their shared dream a reality.By late 1988, a basic selection of 495 hymns and songs had been made, most permissions from owners had been obtained, and a tentative title had been chosen. At that time, it was discovered that two other groups were also making surveys for developing Spanish hymnals. Contact was made; one group contributed research and dropped out, and a skilled commission from CAM International (now Camino Global) unified efforts with the Andersons.After years of intense work, the Spanish hymnal of 652 entries, plus biographies and illustrations was completed. Editions in a variety of styles and bindings have been published, including music, words-only, large-size, files for use with overheads and video-beam, as well as editions for other instruments (Bb and Eb). Though initially distributed in the areas where TEAM and CAM International have churches, the book is now being used by Hispanic Christians around the world. Today, over 700,000 hymnals have been distributed, and Celebremos su Gloria has become one of the most popular Spanish hymnals, having received Spanish Evangelical Literature Association’s (SEPA) prestigious Platinum award, and the Expolit Award for Excellence.This Spanish worship resource includes classic hymns dating back to as early as the second century, with choice favorites from the past and over 120 of the current praise choruses by the Gaither’s, Maranatha and many others. Nearly every Spanish-speaking country is also represented by its ethnic hymns and praise songs. From the beginning of the Celebremos project, there was a desire to develop a way to make these new resources more usable. In many places, congregations are limited to singing around 20 familiar hymns and songs, or trying to remember a melody heard by radio, with resulting distortions. Musicians who have instruments and read music are scarce, especially in outlying areas. For this reason, an audio solution was necessary to accompany the written worship resource.

In the early developmental stages, Gloria benefitted from the dedicated artistry of John Wilson in the painstaking process of recording, crafting each number with excellence and sensitivity in an atmosphere of worship.  John spent hundreds of hours, working under severe equipment restraints to digitize the first 600 hymns for Gloria 1.  A single hymn often took a full day to record.

Twenty prototypes were manufactured and used for field testing in a number of countries, with very encouraging results in congregations, home Bible studies, camps and retreats, schools, prisons, at hospitals and funerals, and also as an instrument for personal praise.

Finally, in the year 2000, distribution of the digital orchestras began.  More than 4000 Gloria 1 models were distributed, followed by over 2000 of Gloria 2.  Now GLORIA 3 appears ready to set record sales.

It is amazing that a box barely larger than a hymn book can hold up to 1100 songs in four-part harmony, with percussion sounds and full orchestral backup.  GLORIA 3 has no moving parts, because all its hymns and instrument sounds have been recorded digitally on solid-state EPROM chips. The selections can be customized as to tempo, pitch, sustaining of a note and pauses, and even the choice of dozens of instruments. Memory capabilities include storage of a preprogrammed list for up to 99 songs.  Now, with the advent of GLORIA 3, we have greatly expanded the number of hymns available, and have added many new features: most impressive is its amazing full orchestral sound.

The case is attractively designed, but is rugged enough to be practical for varied climates.  GLORIA 3 is so portable that it can be used with only its self-contained speaker/amplifier.   It can also be connected to a large sound system for use in any size church. This adaptability is also seen in the power source possibilities: internal flashlight batteries, or a voltage adapter, or even a solar panel with rechargeable battery.

GLORIA 3 has a USB port allowing it to be connected to your computer, and to the Internet.  As new songs become available, these can be added to those preprogrammed in your GLORIA 3.  You may also record other songs in MIDI format yourself, and save them to memory for playback.

Gloria is easy to use and sounds great! Virtually everyone who has seen the “wonderful little box” wants to have one. The interest shown at international conventions and through personal contacts has already resulted in sales of thousands of units. A lot of people have saved up pennies or local currency for months in order to obtain their own Gloria.

Taking into account the precarious economic situation of the people who most need GLORIA 3, every effort has been made to keep its cost to a minimum. Therefore Gloria Music is operated entirely by volunteers who love hymn music and want to see music used for worship around the world.

God brought together a great team of volunteers to direct the project.

Each one of the Board members serves without pay as a volunteer.  Gloria Music has no employees.  Without the dedicated support of the Board members, Gloria Music would not be a reality today.  John Wilson, former Board member, gave an incredible amount of time to the project, for several years, doing a full-time job without pay.  The late Ernie Smith, as a Board member, was so dedicated in his efforts, that Gloria Music could not have become a reality without his generosity.

In addition to Tim Anderson and Stephen Rothlisberger, the current Board of Gloria Music consists of its Chairman, Ken Booster (Indianapolis, IN), and members Ken Lundgren (Bloomingdale, IL), Bob Hillier (Hemet, CA), Richard Gibson (Indianapolis, IN), Bernie Hirsch (Indianapolis, IN), and Rolf Egeland (Rockford, IL).  Lundgren is an accomplished electronics designer who works closely with electronics and software specialist Stephen Rothlisberger who designed the first Gloria, and Tim Anderson (Gloria founder) to direct the technical design and development of Gloria.  Bernie Hirsch is the genius behind the sound of Gloria 3, taking the place of John Wilson in development of MIDI files.  Bob Hillier maintains the books and is instrumental in routing orders from our web page to the final customers.  Veteran missionary administrator Rolf Egeland, Chairman Emeritus, was invaluable in organizing Gloria Music.  He now controls all aspects of quality control, order processing, and shipping and handling.  Ken Booster and Richard Gibson use their business background to guide Gloria Music as it enters new marketing channels.

There are others who have given of their time and talents to Gloria.  Some helped with design work, and others donated money and ideas to the quest.  We owe these generous volunteers a debt of gratitude for all their past, ongoing, and future efforts on behalf of Gloria.

Gloria Music Corporation is incorporated in the State of Illinois as a regular “C” Corporation.  Recently, we were able to hire a team of engineers to design GLORIA 3.  In the process, we contracted Bernie Hirsch of Indianapolis to record all the hymns in Celebremos su Gloria and in The Celebration Hymnal.  Bernie, a brilliant composer and musician, is also a software expert who understands MIDI files.  Through his guidance and efforts, we have discovered how to make GLORIA 3 into a complete orchestra using literally dozens of instruments.  The sound is revolutionary!  Bernie is working very closely with Ken Booster and other Board members to optimize GLORIA 3.

It is a joy for Christians around the world to be able to raise their voices in praise to God. The Gloria hymn-player has already enabled thousands of groups in Latin America and other parts of the world to improve their singing and learn hundreds of new songs. We continue to seek help to be able to place Glorias in the hands of Christians in places like Cuba where it is impossible for the average congregation to purchase a unit.

Gloria is now in countries such as:

Argentina, Bolivia, Bonaire, Canary Islands, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Guajiro tribe (Colombia), Guayana, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Spain, Uruguay, Venezuela

Aruba, Australia, Austria, Belize, Botswana, Brazil, Cambodia, Cameroon, Canada, China, Curazao, England, Equatorial Guinea (Africa), Ethiopia, Fiji Islands, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Iraq, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Liberia, Lithuania, Macao, Macedonia, Moldova, Mongolia, New Zealand, Norway, Papua – New Guinea, Philippines, Rumania, Russia, San Martin (Caribbean), Siberia, Slovak Republic, Sierra Leon, South Africa, Sudan, Sweden, Switzerland, Tailand, Turkey, Turks and Caicos Islands, Ukraine, United States, Yanomami Indian tribe (Brazil), Zambia